Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Beginnings

In the Summer of 2009,  Amanda, owner and founder of Chateau Le Pup,  was standing in line at a store ( she doesn't even remember what store :)) and she saw a doggy cookbook in the clearance bin. Knowing that the maltese breed tends to have sensitive stomachs and wanting nothing but the very best for Vanna, she decided to buy the book.  When Amanda got home from the store,  she decided to make a batch of the peanut butter bones.  She whipped up a batch and that batch made about 200 bones. At the time, Vanna was only about a pound.  There was no way she could have ate that many bones.  Amanda, at the time, was making flower arrangements and selling the arrangments at craft shows to make a little extra money. Amanda had a show coming up in the next two weeks.  Instead of throwing away most of the bones she made, Amanda decided to package them and see if anyone wanted some fresh dog treats.  At the craft show,  Amanda did not sell any arrangements but sold all the bones.  So for the rest of 2009, Amanda was selling arrangements and treats from the cookbook. 

During the later months of 2009, Amanda found out she very much enjoyed making the bones.  She decided she would stop making the arrangements and focus on reasearching what is healthly and safe for dogs and developing her own recipies.  Over the next year to year and a half, she had developed many many supe yummy and healthy recipies for all of our four legged friends. 

Amanda has discovered a job that is exhausting, super time consuming, and a ton of hard work, but also that she LOVES. Even Vanna is in love with her job at Chateau Le Pup as the lead taste tester :)

In September 2010, Amanda and Vanna expanded their family with the addition of Gia, who was adopted from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter. 

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